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Example. Imported components

If you have imported a previously created component with overrides into another component, you must call the overrides function on the imported component to be able to edit it in the builder.

As an example, let's create a new component called MyForm and import the previously created MyButton component:

import React from "react";
import { useOverrides } from "@quarkly/components";
import { Box, Input } from "@quarkly/widgets";
import MyButton from "./MyButton";
const overrides = {
"Form Input": {
kind: "Input",
"Form Button": {
kind: "MyButton",
props: {
src: "override_src_property",
const MyForm = (props) => {
const { override, rest } = useOverrides(props, overrides);
return (
<Box {}>
<Input {...override("Form Input", "First Input")} />
<Input {...override("Form Input", "Second Input")} />
<MyButton {...override("Form Button")} />
export default Object.assign(MyForm, {
title: "My Form",

We added an override to the imported MyButton component in the overrides object. In the kind property, similarly to other components, we specified the name of the imported component to display its parameters on the Props panel. In the props object, you can also transfer any props to the component including those that appear on the Props panel, for example src.