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How to Get Component Styles

You may need to get the current component styles while it is running, for example, when an event happens.

To get CSS styles for a component, call the getComputedStyle function where you want to transfer the desired HTML element. As a result, you get a styles object which contains all the styles applied to the component.

Let's take, for example, the Link component from the @quarkly/widgets library and get its color when mousing over it:

const onEnterEvent = (e) => {
const styles = getComputedStyle(;
return (
<Link onMouseEnter={onEnterEvent} {...props}>
Blue link

Note: Use the getComputedStyle function only to get styles added from the builder interface or third-party libraries. The styles you added in a component can be retrieved from the object.

Please also note that the getComputedStyle function returns the object with the standard style names written with a hyphen (e.g. background-color), while the object uses the names as backgroundColor as if you were transferring them in any component.