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What are "components" and why do I need them?#

Components are elements or groups of elements with specific property values and content (e. g., a block of images, text, and buttons). They speed up and simplify the design and make it complete.

How do I create a custom component?#

To create a new component:

  • Method 1: Click the "+" icon on the Adding panel under "Components"
  • Method 2: Open the add component modal window, go to "Components", and click "Create for Project"

To create a new component from an existing element on the page:

  • Method 1: Select the element on the page, call the context menu and select "Create new Component"
  • Method 2: Select the element on the Layers panel, call the context menu, and select "Create new Component"

How do I edit my component?#

To edit the component code:

  • Method 1: Click "<>" on the Adding panel under "Components"
  • Method 2: Open the modal window of the component on the page and click "Edit Code"

Can I add one component inside the other?#

To add a component inside another one in the code, import it and paste it into the desired JSX place. To add the ability to add a component into another one on the page, add the children property to the desired JSX place.

import { Box } from '@quarkly/widgets';
import ChildComponent from './ChildComponent';
const ParentComponent = ({ children, ...props }) => {
return (
<Box {...props}>
<ChildComponent />

Can I import a component from the NPM?#

Yes, add "import" to the component code, and it will be installed from NPM to the project automatically.

import Particles from "react-particles-js";

How do I get the values from the project theme?#

To get the current project theme, import the useTheme hook from the styled-components library and call it in the component.

import { useTheme } from "styled-components";
const theme = useTheme();

The theme object contains all the theme variables from the right panel which you can use in the component styles.