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Why do I need overrides?#

To apply different element styles and properties, which you can change in the builder interface on the "Styles" and "Props" panels.

See more in the Overrides section.

Why do I need multiple overrides for one element?#

To apply different styles and properties for different states in an element. For example, for an open or closed menu, a second list item, etc.

See more in the How to Create an Override List section.

How can I get property descriptions of other components through override?#

Specify the name of the component from which you want to get the props list in the "kind" property.

Can I specify non-standard builder components in "kind"?#

The "kind" property allows you to get a list of component properties displayed on the builder front panel. You can specify any name, but if a component with that name doesn't exist in the project, the props list for it will be empty.