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Welcome to Quarkly

Quarkly is a tool for creating websites, landing pages, and web applications. It combines a visual editor, an integrated development environment, and a website builder. It allows developers to add business logic as well as code their own components, which are then available in the visual editor.

How Quarkly works#

All Quarkly projects are based on React components and the @quarkly/atomize library. Every single primitive on the editor's layout is ready-to-use and reusable code.

When developing a component, you can#

  • Add descriptions for component properties;
  • Display component properties on the right panel of the visual editor in the form of controls;
  • Use overrides for:
    • naming subcomponents;
    • selecting and editing subcomponents in the visual editor;
    • adding different states.
  • Define effects (pseudo classes) for different states;
  • Apply style variables from the project theme;
  • Import other components from NPM or an embedded catalog.